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As the lead creative force at one of the world’s biggest consumer technology companies – Braun – as well as British furniture maker Vitsoe, Dieter Rams is a certified god in industrial design circles. With over five decades’ worth of work in his portfolio (some of which has achieved museum status), he’s seen the world of consumables turn many times, accruing a wealth of experience designing everything from radio alarm clocks to shelving units. Fast Company recently sat down with the legend of product (presumably on a Rams-designed sofa) for a chat about his professional philosophy and how the market has changed in his lifetime.


I always strove for things to be sustainable. By that I mean the development of long-lasting products, products that don’t age prematurely, which won’t become out of style. Products that will remain neutral, that you can live with longer. I summarized my philosophy in 10 points, and I’m actually very surprised that people today, especially students, still accept them. I didn’t intend these 10 points to be set in stone forever. They were actually meant to mutate with time and to change. But apparently things have not changed greatly in the past 50 years. So even nowadays, they are still accepted.

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